“PEDESA: Konacık beldesinde gökçeler beldesinde yer alan antik şehrin adıdır.”



Double Bed


Pitahaya Home’s all the rooms in the heart of nature, with unique Karadağ course, everyone’s self is steeped in ancient history and a secret garden design meets modern convenience will find a souvenir. Also rooms, offers the freedom you want on your vacation with independent entrance..

  •  Home Boutique Hotel Pitahaya special guests, the Aegean redolent of olive trees produced with the traditional method of 100% pure vegetable soap
  •  French Country style with decorative objects and our own production is all in the hands of our labor
  •  Room accompanying you in passing your fruit trees
wifi Free Wi-Fi
emanet kasası Minibar
su Bottled Water (2 Bottle)
yastık Extra Pillow
oda servisi 24 Hours Room Service
ayna Mirror
manzara Nature View
terlik Slipper
saçkurutma Hair Dryer
uyandırma Wake up Service
uydu Satellite Channels
klima Air conditioning
ısıtma Heater
kasa Safe Box
banyo Bathroom accessories
bavul Luggage Rack

Yatak Odası


Çift Kişilik Yatak

Kişi Sayısı

Wake up to a new day overlooking stunning bougainvillea plants and other foliage from the comfort of your room…

Each Double Room with Land View offers the comfort of one King Bed, overlooks our special-landscape terrace. Close and far from the city center at the same time, you can experience energizing moments under the brilliant blues, soothing sounds and salty aroma that envelop the breezy Aegean Sea. A retreat beyond Bodrum’s legendary summer nightlife in the midst of bougainvils and live plants under bright lights of the sun at all hours of the day for those who distinguish between what is just good and what is great.

wifi Ücretsiz Wi-Fi
emanet kasası Minibar
su Şişe Su (2 Adet)
yastık Extra Yastık
oda servisi 24 Saat Oda Servisi
ayna Ayna
manzara Doğa Manzarası
terlik Terlik
saçkurutma Saç Kurutma Makinası
uyandırma Uyandırma Servisi
uydu Uydu Kanalları
klima Klima
ısıtma Isıtma
kasa Emanet Kasası
banyo Banyo Kozmetiği
bavul Valiz Sehpası